Why Be A Member?


Your membership in WEA means you have the support of the National Education Association (NEA), our state's Washington Education Association (WEA), your regional UniServ council (WEA-Southeast), and your local education association. In addition, members can belong to affiliated groups including WEA-Retired, WEA Higher Education, and Student WEA. Being a WEA member means:

  • Accurate information amid a changing landscape in education
  • Support in bargaining your local contract
  • A strong voice in the Washington Legislature
  • Professional development opportunities to help keep your skills sharp
  • Eligibility to attend cohorts for obtaining ProTeach and National Board Certification
  • $1 million on-the-job educator employment liability insurance coverage
  • Legal assistance from WEA attorneys
  • Resources to help in the classroom
  • Access to grants from the WEA Children's Fund, which benefits needy children
  • Opportunity to attend pre-retirement seminars presented by WEA-Retired
  • Money-saving discounts to help stretch your paychecks
  • A community of dedicated educators

Don't miss out on these benefits of membership!