About Us

The WEA-Southeast Uniserv Council is a regional office of the Washington Education Association. Uniserv means “Unified Services”, a regional program that was initiated to give you, the members, access to your union closer to home.  Our staff operates as part of the Field Services Division of WEA. 

Our Council was formed in 1970 and was known as Southeast Uniserv. Over the years it has grown in both numbers of locals and number of members.  In 1986 the Council represented 2,300 members; today our membership count is approximately 5,100.   In April of 1997, we changed our name to WEA - Southeast.

We are located in Kennewick, Washington. The area is known as the Tri-Cities and is the population center of southeast Washington. Our staff and governance serve a large geographic area of approximately 8,000 square miles (see map below), and 31 locals made up of certificated members in our classrooms and school buildings, as well as support professionals/classified members, custodians, etc. 


Our staff help members and local associations with:

  • Organizing
  • Community Outreach
  • Trainings
  • Political Action Coordination
  • Contract Enforcement and Collective Bargaining
  • Individual Member Representation for Employment Related Issues
  • Membership Dues Processing, Dues Questions and Support