How to Join..

Sign Up To Become A Member

WEA membership is available to public school employees: teachers, support professionals, substitutes, coaches, higher education faculty, etc..  If you are employed in public education in Washington state and represented by one of the more than 370 local associations affiliated with WEA, you can enroll online here

If you prefer a paper membership form, you may also contact WEA-Southeast Office at 509-783-6318 and ask for Michelle or Bridget. They can mail the paper membership form to you and answer any questions you may have. Michelle can also be reached at, and Bridget can be reached at

Other Types Of Membership:

Student Membership

Student Membership is available to those who are enrolled in a postsecondary program that is preparatory for employment in a position that will make you eligible for Active (teacher) membership in the NEA. You can enroll online here.  

WEA-Retired Membership

As a member of WEA/NEA-Retired you remain a part of the nation's largest advocacy voice for public education. Join or renew here.

Associate and reserve membership

Former WEA Active members, (certificated or educational support professional), including those on an unpaid leave of absence from public education employment are eligible for Reserve membership.

Association membership is open to community members who are public education supporters: Associate/Reserve member enrollment form.